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Survey Responses on BLC Special Collections: Access and Materials Handling Due to COVID-19



Description of the COI


     The Boston Library Consortium’s Special Collections Community of Interest is a group of library and archives professionals and staff who are interested in working as a group to further our knowledge and connections. The group conducts regular meetings, shares information and experiences to support our work, cooperates on innovative projects, and suggests and participates in BLC training and workshops. This COI was formed in 2014 and 14 member libraries currently participate.


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History of the COI


The Special Collections Community of Interest (SC COI) grew out of discussions by the BLC Board in 2012 and 2013. The Special Collections Working Group was appointed in 2013 and in 2014 the COI was formed. The first COI meeting was Nov 10 2014. The aim of the COI at that time was defined thus: The SC COI will continue to explore options for developing consortial resources, programs and processes that support preservation of and access to BLC members’ Special Collections as well as identifying collection intersection that could benefit from collaborative projects, along with any other topics of common concern to the COI members.


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